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Our Mission is to Inspire God's Scattered Sheep to Return to Active Duty    

Meat of the Word Ministries is committed to teaching the uncompromised Gospel of the Kingdom to "every creature".  Our vision is to use every available means of outreach; including radio, TV, Internet, audio and print as well as public meetings. Our outreach includes teaching seminars and personal ministry to challenging needs.  We are equipping ministers to reach out to those who have fallen away from Christ or grown spiritually cold due to false or weak teaching.    


We believe and teach the concept of strength and strengthening comes from the top down.   God's life filters down from the head to the whole Body of Christ.  In other words, Christian leaders are more valuable when they are focused on the spiritual things of the high calling.  More souls will be won if we build back up the wounded, broken and beaten down  parts of the Body and restore them to active service.    


We believe there are too many valuable, but floundering Christians whose gifts are laid dormant by sin, circumstance and the will of men.  We believe it is not God's Will that any perish or bury what God has given them in gift and callings.  There is a great void in the church because we have not focused on rebuilding the broken pieces as God's Word teaches.   


   Radio Broadcast      

WYND 1330am     

Deland Florida